KOOLOOLOO provides content and products for happy events in life, such as birthdays, bachelorette party, baby light and more. Our kits can be used whether for large productions or intimate meetings. At home, by the pool, in a restaurant, in a hotel and even in a zoom. 

Our kits, create an interaction between the guests, give central attention to the happy owner, bring an active dialogue between the participants and put the phone aside for a moment, perhaps except for our tagging. Each game set is personal, one-time, in Hebrew and adapted to the Israeli audience. Inside each set are ten game cards and a personal branded pen. The cards marked with a pin are for safekeeping.

In addition, you will find card cases with us that can be used with you for any event you choose and they are not for single use. Time in development and thinking is invested in each product. The products are designed to the highest standards and in a special and personal way for each subject.

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